Film Preview: Monorail Film Club presents Play Time, 18 May, Glasgow Film Theatre

29 Apr

In the true spirit of – discovering new talent in the world of film and theatre while hopefully rediscovering some old favourites – I’m going to start covering some upcoming Glasgow events by mentioning the Glasgow Film Theatre’s (GFT) Monorail Film Club and their screening on Sunday 18 May of Play Time.

Monorail is a monthly film club with films selected and introduced by special guests. This month’s selection is Jacques Tati’s fourth film and features his comic creation, Monsieur Hulot, navigating a futuristic Paris. Here’s a look at the trailer:

The film is famous for the huge set – dubbed Tativille – built specially for the production, along with the extended shoot which took over three years, 1964-1967, to complete.

Play TIme has had a chequered past. Originally filmed on 70mm to ensure the massive set was properly represented, the limited number of screens that could actually screen it led to the movie being converted to 35mm on its US release in 1973. Its running time has also varied over the years.

I watched Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday a few years back and loved its gentle and clever comedy. This looks like another corker.

This screening will be introduced by Glasgow artist Toby Paterson and preceded by a short film, KH-4, about another Glasgow artist played by Bill Forsyth.

The film starts at 3.40pm with full details over at the GFT website.


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