Film Preview: Diversions: An Experimental Film Season, 8 – 11 May, Filmhouse

29 Apr


Organised by the Department of Film Studies at Edinburgh University, over fifty short, medium and feature length experimental films and videos will be screened in the Diversions film season, running from Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 May at the Filmhouse in Edinburgh.

Experimental film began in the 1920s and has developed over the years into an art form. It’s a term I wasn’t familiar with before writing this and one that I’m now intrigued by.

This genre of film is more to do with techniques used in making the film rather than the content itself. It’s a range of styles which are different from, and normally opposed to, mainstream cinema. The techniques used include the camera being out of focus, a lack of soundtrack, rapid editing and scratching.

The aim of these distinctive works is to place the viewer in a closer and more personal relationship to the film, and there’s more information over at Flicker, home page of the alternative cinematic experience.

One of the range of short films showing is Scenes From New York (6pm on Sunday 11 May), a series of films charting the evolution of the experimental film scene in New York and including titles such as Darling International and Loretta.

There will also be appearances by special guests during the season from experimental film historians Al Rees and David Curtis and filmmakers Frederique Devaux, Pip Chodorov, Sami van Ingen and Peter Rose.

Here’s a scene from what is widely regarded as the world’s most famous experimental film, Un chien andalou:

The Filmhouse hopes to make this an annual event, so look out for more.

For more information visit the Diversions website and to book tickets head to the Filmhouse site.

Preview by Faith Orr


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