Theatre Preview: Elephant, 29 April – 3 May, Edinburgh Festival Theatre

20 Apr

Coming to Edinburgh Festival Theatre from Tuesday 29 April – Saturday 3 May is family production Elephant.

The story of Elephant begins with Chief Zanenvula who, having just died, approaches the gates of heaven. The guardians in the shape of nightclub bouncers refuse to let him through. He is aghast and puzzled. Has he not been a good chief, well loved by his people?

Advised by his ancestors to take a journey back through his earlier life, the chief discovers that as a young man he unwittingly broke tribal laws regarding the sanctity of elephants. Despite the wheedling of a devil who accompanies him, the old chief realises where he went wrong and what he must do to redeem himself in order to pass through the Pearly Gates.

The Dodgy Clutch Theatre Company first produced Elephant for the internationally renowned wildlife charity, the Born Free Foundation, to promote the protection of the elephant in its natural environment.

Now, 12 years on, the production highlights the elephant as a symbol of South Africa’s liberty, and features actors, musicians and dancers from Newcastle to the Eastern Cape exploring rich, vibrant and long-suppressed traditional art forms.

Themes of captivity, freedom and redemption are explored in the production.

Full details are available over at the Festival City Theatre website.


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