My blog belongs to Glasgow…well a bit more of it does

19 Apr

I’ve been debating this for a while now: should remain an Edinburgh-only blog or extend to include more Glasgow content?

I cheated a bit back in February when I covered the Glasgow Film Festival. I was already writing something for The Skinny and it seemed to make sense to add something here.

The upside of just covering Edinburgh is that because I live here I can see most things myself. The downside is that some weeks can seem a bit quiet if there’s a long run at one theatre or if a cinema is in between seasons.

Covering Glasgow would increase my workload but also increase the chance that readers might see something in another city that appeals to them. OK, it costs a few extra quid to get the bus or train between cities, but a good night out is usually worth a bit of effort.

So, I’m going to start building up Glasgow coverage, slowly but surely. If you’d like to help out by submitting a review or preview then please feel free. And, as with Edinburgh shows, if I can get to them, I will.

To kick things off here’s video tribute to GFF 2008.

The Best of Glasgow Film Festival 2008 [5m 07secs]


One Response to “My blog belongs to Glasgow…well a bit more of it does”

  1. Harry 29 April, 2008 at 9:35 am #

    You’re right- I am often on this site reading the reviews and I know that there is so much missed from the Glasgow side. Heading to the Tron in a couple of weeks to see The Drawer Boy- it’s a great play and hopefully should be a great performance. Check for details and I will try to get a review on after.

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