Film Preview: Frank Sinatra Season Overview

19 Apr

There’s a nice little item in the latest issue of the Filmhouse programme. Alongside the usual film screening details and times, an article covering the upcoming Frank Sinatra season has been smuggled in, which has now gone up on their website.

It’s not vital to your enjoyment of the films but it does add something to the experience to know where they all came from.

As Rod White notes, there are some very rare and expensive prints making their way to town in a few weeks and we’d be doing ourselves a favour to go and see some of them to ensure future such seasons can be run.

I don’t get any commission for saying that (sadly) but a healthy cinema scene is surely a good thing. You just need to read about problems in places like Brighton’s Duke of York cinema to know that we can’t take anything for granted.

While I’m at it I’ll plug the Friends of Filmhouse and Cameo Membership schemes, just because I can.


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