Film Preview: Targets, 25 April, Cameo Cinema

18 Apr

Horror returns to the Cameo cinema on Friday 25 April with a screening of Peter Bogdanovich’s 1968 flick, Targets.

I’d never heard of the film until I saw it advertised, but have since been informed that its a good ‘un, especially for would-be filmmakers as Bogdanovich shows how great quality can be delivered on a very small budget and in limited time.

The films stars a young Jack Nicholson in his first film role and an old Boris Karloff and includes clips from Victorian-era thriller, The Terror.

According to Wikipedia:

The story concerns an insurance agent and Vietnam veteran, played by Tim O’Kelly, who goes on a shooting rampage from atop a Los Angeles oil refinery and then, when police start tracking him down, flees to and resumes his shootings at a drive-in theater where an aging horror film actor is making a final promotional appearance.

There’s a decent article over at Culture Court if you want to know more about the films themes.

Head over to the Cameo website for full details.


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