Theatre Preview: Trumpets and Raspberries, 18 April – 10 May, Royal Lyceum Theatre

26 Mar

Trumpets and Raspberries

I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here, with the Lyceum’s current production of Vanity Fair still doing great guns at the box office. But, as there’s always so much interest in what’s happening down Grindlay Street way, I thought I’d start up this post on their next show, Trumpets and Raspberries.

Following his directorial success with Vanity Fair, Tony Cownie takes the reigns of this 1980s play, first performed under its original Italian title of Clacson, Trombette e Pernacchi, or Claxons, Trumpets and Raspberries.

Written by Dario Fo, the original plot revolved around the real life character of Gianni Agnelli, head of Fiat between 1966 and 2003. After a kidnap attempt goes wrong, Agnelli is taken to hospital wearing the jacket of one of his employees, Antonio. His face is subsequently reconstructed in the likeness of Antonio, leading to much confusion and comedy.

The central character seems to alter from production to production, depending on which political leader is around at the time, so Silvio Berlusconi could be in this version. Or maybe not.

Running from Friday 18 April – Saturday 10 May, tickets are now on sale, with a pre-show talk taking place on Tuesday 22 April with Joseph Farrell, Professor of Italian Studies at the University of Strathclyde, and a post-show cast discussion on Tuesday 29 April.

I’ll update this page with new information as I get it (sign up to the email for the latest), but in the meantime take a trip over to the Lyceum’s website and book your seat(s) while you can.

Updated 15 April – The Lyceum have come up with the goods once again and have this time produced a trailer for Trumpets and Raspberries. Showcasing both the play and Edinburgh’s glorious weather, it’s a bit of fun that helps brings it all to life. Over to their man in the know…

Updated 19 April: Read the review of Trumpets and Raspberries.


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