Film Preview: The Flesh and Blood Show, 28 March, Cameo Cinema

21 Mar

Once a month, when the moon is full and the fog so thick that it envelops the castle and the city beneath like a shroud, the still of the Edinburgh night is shattered by the screams emanating from a venue so old and sacred that the mention of it on this blog could lead to a curse upon the very server it is hosted upon: the monthly Fiendish Friday film is being screened at the Cameo cinema.

The Flesh and Blood ShowThis month, on Friday 28 March, 1972’s horror “classic” The Flesh and Blood Show is exhumed from the vaults for your delight. As a group of actors gather to rehearse a play in a small country theatre, one by one they start to disappear in a trail of death and destruction.

Famed for the inclusion of much nudity and an appearance from Ray “Mr Benn” Brookes, this sounds like a belter – go see the trailer on YouTube for a sneak preview.

Introduced by The Host, in on-screen short films that fill in some of the films’ background, these Fiendish Friday presentations are a chance to see some of the rarer and more bizarre celluloid offerings that have been forgotten by the mainstream.

Starting around midnight on the 28th, this is a fine way to start your weekend. Just remember to take a torch so you can get back home through that fog safely.

Event: The Flesh and Blood Show at the Cameo cinema
Date & Time: Friday 28 March, 11.40pm


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