Theatre Preview: Can We Live With You?, 3 – 5 April, Traverse Theatre

21 Mar

The Traverse Theatre presents Edinburgh’s Lung Ha Theatre Company’s latest production, Can We Live With You?, from 3 to 5 April.

The brochure promises beautiful scenery, wonderful people, stress-free living and even barbeques. No wonder the MacScott family are prepared to swap Scotland for a one-way ticket to The Land of Delightful Things, especially when Mr Big Fish wants to shut them up – for good.

Can We Live With YouPursued all the way, the MacScotts travel by land and sea to reach their promised land, their utopia, their very own shangri-la. What will they find if they get there? Will the gap between expectation and reality prove too big for them or can happiness be found in the most surprising places?

Known for its work in providing opportunities for people with learning disabilities, Lung Ha have produced over 30 original stage productions over the past 24 years, including The Shadow of a Pie in 2007.

The production will also feature original music performed live on stage, created through a partnership with Drake Music Scotland.

Event: Can We Live With You? at the Traverse Theatre
Dates/Times: 3-5 April, see website for times


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