Theatre Preview: Behind-the-scenes of Fugee, Traverse Theatre

12 Mar


Hector Brown, one of the young stars of new Traverse production Fugee, gives an insider’s view of the making of the new production.

Brrrrrrrrrrap, Brrrrrrrrrrap, Brrrrrrrrrrrap! Give it up for the Fugee cast…

Now to be honest, when I was first asked to write a piece about Fugee, that was the first thing that came to my head. My own personal rendition of our very own Fugee podcast.

However, sadly we don’t have quite that big a budget. But this is the place to learn about all the chat and goings on of the Fugee cast and company in the last few weeks running up to opening night on 13 March.

So where to begin?

Well, to be honest, the last fortnight has to have been the most excessive and exhausting rehearsal time of any of the cast’s past experiences. The fine tuning and final adjustments being made to the show, have been lengthy, tiring and extremely boring. All too evident in some of us male cast members.

FugeeAnd for some strange reason our clothes are continuing to be covered in red paint (most likely thanks to our extremely comfortable bright red wooden blocks). The only thing that seems to keep us sane is our carefully-planned overly-energetic games (I raise my eyebrow).

The games, songs and chants we have been taught throughout this process have kept us constantly laughing, smiling and taking the mick out of each other.

At last, last week, costume fitting came around. It was a fairly exciting moment as it emphasised how close we were coming to the performance. Little did we know though, that probably one of the funniest and most mind-scarring moments of the project was about to take place…

In came Paul (our production manager) and he started to distribute the costumes to each cast member. Then he pulled out of his bag one of the most ‘interesting’ items of costume we had ever seen – red skinny jeans. Which he gave to one of the bigger cast members (I will hide his identity). He was told to try them on and did so. After ten minutes of trying to wriggle into them, he finally emerged to his fellow cast members. Let’s just put it this way, large legs and ridiculously tight jeans don’t mix well. There are photos too prove it, lots of photos.

As we get nearer and nearer to opening night the tension is building. But the cast is ready for the challenge (at least we hope so). So get on the net, pick up your phone or get moving to the Traverse and get buying those tickets.

That’s me, job done. Thank you and goodnight.

Hector Brown is in the cast of Lyceum Youth Theatre’s production of Fugee by Abi Morgan running at the Traverse Theatre from 13-15 March.

Read the Fugee preview.

Visit or call the box office on 0131 228 1404.


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