Theatre Preview: Vanity Fair, 14 March – 12 April, Royal Lyceum Theatre

6 Mar

Vanity Fair

Greed, scheming, deceit and a dash of satire…no, not another episode of EastEnders, but the staging of Willam Makepeace Thackeray’s Vanity Fair at the Royal Lyceum from Friday 14 March until Saturday 12 April.

Amelia Sedley and Becky Sharp leave Miss Pinkerton’s Academy for Young Ladies to make their way in the world – but while Amelia is proper, polite and selfless to a fault, Becky is mischievous, cunning and all too willing to use her feminine charms to her advantage. But will either of them find the happiness and security they seek?

Numerous film and television versions have brought the novel, first published in serial format between 1847 and 1848 (that earlier EastEnders reference wasn’t so far off: these partworks were the 19th Century equivalent of the modern day soap, only without the TV Quick front covers), to life, and this one promises to be a “fast, fun and fabulous piece of theatre”.

To whet your appetite, the Lyeum have just created another behind-the-scenes video interviewing Kim Gerard (Amelia) and Sophia Linden (Becky):

Kim Gerard and Sophia Linden talk about Vanity Fair [6m 32sec]

I’m still hoping more Edinburgh theatres take the time to do these kind of things. They don’t have to be pricey and they can help the more cash-strapped, or just plain choosy, among us to decide what to go see.

Updated 14 March: I’ve just added another video preview from the website.

Designer Neil Murray talks about Vanity Fair [7m 30secs]

Venue: Royal Lyceum Theatre
Date/Time: Friday 14 March until Saturday 12 April, see website for times.

Read the review of Vanity Fair


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