Theatre Preview: The Mother Ship, 25 – 29 March, Traverse Theatre

29 Feb

Here’s one for the individuals among us, for anyone who’s ever dared to be different, for anyone who’s turned over to BBC4 when The X Factor is on, for…well for anyone really: Douglas Maxwell’s The Mother Ship docks at the Traverse from Tuesday 25 until Saturday 29 March.

18-year-old Eliot has a stressful life. He has no girlfriend, his best friend has stopped swearing and his step-mum is even more stressed than he is. To top it all off, the Mother Ship is on its way through outer space to take him home. Then his disabled brother disappears.

Including a love-lorn lifeguard, a policeman that believes in Klingons and a car that turns into a boat, this comedy sounds like it could be a great escape from the real world outside, surely one of the main reasons for going to the theatre of an evening?

There’s also a playwriting workshop with Maxwell on Saturday 29 March.

Go to venue website


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