Film Preview: Hands of the Ripper, Friday 29 February, Cameo Cinema

24 Feb

February’s Fiendish Friday at the Cameo Cinema is 1971’s Hammer chiller, Hands of the Ripper, screening on Friday 29.

Following January’s I Bury the Living, The Host will this month introduce a film that’s been described as a “an expensive-looking, brilliantly acted and well scripted masterpiece”.

Hands… tells of a young girl who witnesses the murder of her mother by her father, none other the Jack the Ripper. As the Cameo notes on their website:

Released in 1971, it tells a story of murder, psychosis and a deadly legacy. It’s often alleged that Hammer Films had run out of steam by the ’70s. Films like this disprove that claim. Make your way through the dark streets of Edinburgh for another fiendish experience never likely to be repeated.

Sounds like fun!

Go to venue website

Venue: The Cameo
Date/Time: Friday 28 February, 11.45pm


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