Film Preview Special: Glasgow Film Festival 2008, 14 – 24 February, Part Two

28 Jan

Following part one of my personal pick of some of the Glasgow Film Festival 2008 highlights, here is, rather unsurprisingly perhaps, part two.

Out of 100 or so films on offer, I’m choosing 10 that I’d like to see…

7. One of the films generating a buzz is Spanish Horror REC (Saturday 24 February, 7pm). Sounding Blair Witch-like in concept – the film is shot in handheld as a documentary crew trail a small town fire crew who respond to a shout involving zombies – this seems to have a bit more style. The following trailer is in Spanish but I think you’ll get the gist…

6. John (Lone Star) Sayles returns after a gap of a few years with Honeydripper (Sunday 17 February, 6.15), starring Danny Glover. Set in 1950 Alabama, Cotton Harvest could be make or break for the Honeydripper Lounge. With Sayles also appearing at the GFF on the same day, this should be quite a unique event.

5. Although not a newbie, the GFF are celebrating Scotland’s own Local Hero (Sunday 24 February, 3.30pm) with a Silver Anniversary screening of the film and appearances by various cast and crew. I love this film and wouldn’t miss this chance to see it on the big screen and possibly meet some of the stars.

All dates and times can be found at the Glasgow Film Festival website.

Now see numbers 4 to 1…


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