Theatre Preview: Endgame, 31 January

26 Jan

Endgame FlyerFancy a bit of metaphysical rumination and introspection to round of your January? Head down to the Theatre Workshop on Thursday 31 January to see Samuel Beckett’s Endgame and you might just be in luck.

Following a tour of Scotland, Nabil Shaban and Garry Robson return to base for one-night only with Beckett’s second play. The title is taken from the game of chess and is used to designate the third and final part of the game.

Nagg and Nell, live in bins from which they emerge to speak. Most of the story is told by their disabled son Hamm and his attendant, Clov.

This production also boasts the inclusion of new kinetic sculptures from Sharmanka.

Event: Endgame
Venue: Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place, Edinburgh, EH3 5AX
Date/Time: Thursday 31 January, 7.30pm, Tickets 2 for 1


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