Film Preview Special: Glasgow Film Festival 2008, 14 – 24 February, Part One

23 Jan

Although this blog is predominantly based on unique and one-off events in Edinburgh, I do plan to cast the net further afield if something of particular interest comes along.

In this case it’s the Glasgow Film Festival 2008, being held from February 14-24. Over 100 films will be screened, a huge amount for any film fan to choose from.

I’ve started browsing the list and will present a three part selection of my ten top films for your delectation…

10. First up is a film I saw at the 2007 Edinburgh International Film Festival and adored. In Search of a Midnight Kiss is a story about guy (Scoot McNairy) meeting girl (Sara Simmonds) in LA on New Years Eve, both desperate to fall in love, but not necessarily with each other. One for misanthropes everywhere. Screening Wednesday 20, 8.30pm & Thursday 21, 2.30pm.

9. Eden Log is a French horror/fantasy that starts with a man waking up naked in a cave who has to make his way out through a bizarre series of obstacles.

8. Lars and the Real Girl stars Ryan Gosling as a man buys a doll off the internet for a “personal” relationship only to find his whole town deciding to buy into the ruse.

See numbers 7 to 5…


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