News: Filmhouse February programme

21 Jan

FilmhouseThe latest design triumph that is the Filmhouse programme has just been published, along with some more information on the misfortune suffered by the cinema after its recent fire.

As you may have read, the Screen One projection room suffered a small fire a few weeks back. Luckily nobody was hurt and the only thing that really suffered was the screening schedule. I’d planned to go and watch The Sargossa Manuscript that week but will reschedule it to the 15 or 16 March.

I’ve not had a chance to peruse the whole list of February films and events but thought I’d link to the pdf here and give some blurb from the latest news page:

[In February] there’s Julian Schnabel’s certain awards’ season contender, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly; veteran Sidney Lumet shows the young bucks how it’s done with his brilliant heist-gone-awry thriller, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead; arthouse favourite Wong Kar-Wai brings us his debut English language film, My Blueberry Nights; P.T. (Magnolia) Anderson returns with his stunning There Will Be Blood, featuring a performance that is my Oscar® prediction for Best Actor from Daniel Day Lewis (and I was saying that before his Golden Globe®!); and a new team take on the Asterix franchise (though Mr Depardieu retains the Obelix role – who else!) to highly entertaining effect in Asterix at the Olympic Games; and the master of French animation Michel (Kirikou) Ocelot returns with the glorious Arabian Nights-style fairytale, The Princes’ Quest.

That’s enough cribbing from me. Of particular interest here is Lumet’s Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead: I’m a huge Lumet fan after watching The Hill a few years back and can’t wait for this to arrive in town. Come to think of it, a Lumet season including The Hill, The Offence and Network would be nice sometime in 2008…

Head over to the site to read the rest of the story and enjoy scouring the programme: I’ll add a few links to some of the items as soon as I get through it myself.


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