Dance Preview: Play Ball, Saturday 26 January

15 Jan

Play BallDance hits the blog after a few days devotion to films and theatre in the form of Play Ball, a triple-bill of performances at the Traverse on Saturday 26 January.

Have you ever felt a bit stressed after a long day in the office? Would you normally grab yourself another coffee and chill for five minutes or dance around the boardroom with some colleagues for a bit?

If it’s the latter (nothing wrong with that, it’s 2008 after all), and you’re still suffering withdrawal symptoms after the last series of Strictly Come Dancing finished, then maybe Play Ball is for you.

Bend it… is on football: the tackles, the skill, the penalty shoot out…the resulting celebration dance that is unique to each team…Chemistry is the lovers’ reunion after a tiff. This male-female duet, induced with passion takes love-making to a different level… Quick! is the winning piece of the Place Prize 2006, Europe’s largest choreographic competition sponsored by Bloomberg. An energised display of eight London businessmen unravels…

According to the Traverse newsletter this could sell out fast, so it might be worth booking soon…

Venue: The Traverse
Date/Time: Saturday 26 January, 8pm


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