Film Preview: I Bury the Living, Friday 25 January

14 Jan

I Bury the LivingThe Cameo once again buck the trend of screening either Hollywood blockbusters or a staple diet of indy flicks by scheduling 1958 horror film, I Bury the Living for Friday 25 January.

According to one reviewer, the film is “Very well photographed in stark black and white…Interesting camera tricks alone are worth a look. Very underrated.”

The Cameo tells us the following:

In one of the more bizarre creepy tales you can ever see, a newly appointed cemetery chairman discovers to his cost that by simply misplacing the coloured pins on the cemetery map, PEOPLE WILL DIE. A truly surreal piece of filmmaking with a more than a little in common with the classic episodes of the original Twilight Zone series, film fans have been debating the status of this cult movie for years. On an even stranger note, some cite the character of ‘Andy McKee’ as the model for Groundskeeper Willie of The Simpsons fame.

At only 80 minutes long, this is a nice curio that should give you time to debate it’s merits in the pub after.

Venue: The Cameo
Date/Time: Friday 25 January, 11.45pm

Prepare for some Shocks to Challenge the Imagination…


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