Welcome to it’s on…it’s gone

12 Jan

Have you ever flicked through the newspaper, read a post on a website or spoken to a friend about some film, talk, theatre production or gig that sounds right up your street but which was on last week and for some reason you haven’t heard about it till now?

Annoying isn’t it? Well that’s the main reason for this humble little blog.

I’ve been to some great one-off events over the last few years: Malcolm McDowell at the Traverse for two nights doing a fantastic, powerful and moving talk about his friend Lindsay Anderson; a screening of Charles Laughton Directs Night of the Hunter, a chance to see a DVD commentary-style version of the film narrated in the flesh by a film restorer who had spent years splicing it together; a screening of a classic Doctor Who story from 1979 at the Filmhouse in the presence of one of its stars (and James Bond and Indiana Jones baddie) Julian Glover…the list goes on. And on.

This blog is a chance to bring these sorts of gems together in one place. I’ll search out the best films, plays, book launches, interviews and musical events taking place in Edinburgh and add them here. I can’t promise I’ll get them all – it’s a big old town and I’m just one person – but I’ll do my best. And if I can review them, all the better.

So enjoy the blog, add your comments to the posts and let me know if I’ve missed anything…it should be fun.

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